Technical Tours

Progreso Port and Remote Terminal

Yucatán State Beach
Recovery Master Plan
(Secretariat for Urban Development
and Environment -SEDUMA)


     Located in the municipality of Progreso, the Port of Progreso is considered a natural gateway connecting the Yucatán Peninsula and the rest of the World by sea. The Port has a total surface of 43,000 square meters divided among four specialized terminals, hydrocarbons, bulk agricultural, tourism and containers/refrigerated warehouse.

     The Port was built in two phases starting in 1937 with the 1.8 km Viaduct and finished in 1989 with the construction of the Remote Terminal (Cervera Island) that juts out 6.5 km (4.0 mi) into the Gulf of México. The Viaduct of the Port of Progreso is a great example of a concrete and stainless steel rebar structure that has shown high performance against corrosion and minimum maintenance since its construction.

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     SEDUMA is the state authority dealing with urban and environmental issues in the Yucatán coastal zone. In response to over 10 years of chronic beach erosion induced by man-made coastal structures, the Secretariat began work for beach recovery at 4 different locations on the Yucatán coast (Chelem, Progreso, Chicxulub and Uaymitun).

     With and investment of 50 million pesos, the initial phase of the project involves 4 key coastal protection measures: removal and replacing of structures built by property owners, coastal dune reforestation, redesign and adaptation of groins and geotextile-based submerged breakwaters.

     SEDUMA officials will lead this technical tour to some of the intervention sites.


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